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  • 0.33mm Clear, Pure: Precise Size in 0.33mm thinness, this glass protector guard screen from all clear, case friendly.
  • 5X Strengthened Glass: It based on 9H glass with a smooth surface, up to 5X improved scratch resistance, up to 25% reduction in scratch visibility.
  • Tempered Glass against Impact: This tempered glass with tempered instruction against impact, up to 25% reduction in breakage from drop events.
  • Nano Coating, Wear Resistant: High standard Nano Coating brings excellent touch experience and long active wear resistant surface keep it clean from the surface fingerprint less and durable.
  • Touch Sensitive from Precision Processing: It made by strengthened chemical precision processing with the best balance between thinness and hardness brings touch sensitive.
  • Quality Glass: Authorized from Accessory Glass by Corning® contract, quality glass without concern.
  • For Apple iPhone 11 / iPhone XR
  • 180 degrees two-way anti-peeping, protect your privacy.
  • Edge 2.5 angle, never shave hands.
  • Full coverage, like bare texture, super easy to clean. .
  • High toughness, thickness 0.33mm hardness 9H tempered glass substrate.
  • High light transmittance, keep the screen vivid
  • Clean and Simple: Its oil-resistant coating repels natural skin oils making Glass simple to keep clean and looking great.
  • Protective: Made of fortified tempered glass, it delivers unprecedented scratch protection, use it without fear of scratching. Full coverage for device protects more.
  • Crystal Clear: High-grade tempered glass provides ultimate clarity. At only 0.3mm thin, Glass offers ultimate touchscreen sensitivity.
  • Ultra-Smooth: Its highly polished surface and tapered edges feel great and prevent snags when sliding devices in and out of pockets. Cases friendly.
  • Easy Installation: Glass features a sleek adhesive layer that goes on quickly and cleanly. Simply align it, press it, and watch as Glass does the rest
  • For Apple iPhone 11 / iPhone XR
  • 2.5D edge angle, never scratch hand.
  • 0.33 glass substrate, 3D Touch without hindrance.
  • Matte anti-glare, browse the picture more smoothly.
  • Comfortable without glare, bright light pictures are also clear.
  • Hand travel special, slide without leaving fingerprints.
  • 9H hardness scratch-proof screen.
  • Synthetic Sapphire: Sapphire is a general term of variety colors mineral corundum, main consisting of aluminum oxide, except Red Gemstone. Material is growing from the Hot-Exchanged method, go through 11 steps and take 500 hours to come out with this premium Protector.
  • Mohs’ Hardness 9, Anti-Scratch without concern: The hardness of Synthetic Sapphire is up to 9 levels Mohs, behind to diamond, the anti-scratch surface is better than tempered glass. It is the TOP grades for the screen protector in the market.
  • Anti-Reflection Coating: Sapphire Lens Protector is with AR(Anti-Reflection) coating from Optic Technology, which increases the transmittance rate and contrast by reducing the reflection of light, to keep the camera quality without distortion.
  • Vacuum Evaporation Coating, Anti-Smudge: The surface from Vacuum Evaporation Coating Tech makes this synthetic Sapphire Protector with touch smooth, fingerprint less, easy clean, durable and long term Anti-smudge.
  • 2 LENS suitable for iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Mini / iPhone 11