iPhone 12 Series AGBC 0.33mm 2.5D Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector (With Helper)
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Product SKU IP12 AGBC2.5
Brand Hoda
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  • With Installation Kit
  • 0.33mm Clear, Pure: Precise Size in 0.33mm thinness, this glass protector guard screen from all clear, case friendly.
  • 5X Strengthened Glass: It based on 9H glass with a smooth surface, up to 5X improved scratch resistance, up to 25% reduction in scratch visibility.
  • Tempered Glass against Impact: This tempered glass with tempered instruction against impact, up to 25% reduction in breakage from drop events.
  • Nano Coating, Wear Resistant: High standard Nano Coating brings excellent touch experience and long active wear resistant surface keep it clean from the surface fingerprint less and durable.
  • Touch Sensitive from Precision Processing: It made by strengthened chemical precision processing with the best balance between thinness and hardness brings touch sensitive.
  • Quality Glass: Authorized from Accessory Glass by Corning® contract, quality glass without concern.

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